Brooklyn ‘SYBIL’ Screening on June 16th

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Finally, a Meet The Lady-esque event that won’t require you to drag yourself all the way into Manhattan! On Sunday June 16th, Cristina Cacioppo and I will be co-hosting an honest to god 16mm screening of SYBIL, the 1976 TV movie that transfixed so many of us in its endless syndication during our formative years.

I recorded this onto VHS when I was fourteen, painstakingly editing around the commercial breaks for maximum theatrical impact. I remember being particularly heartbroken when I had to interrupt my repeat viewings for a whole week of Bible camp at Lubbock Christian University. Since then I’ve upgraded to DVD for personal viewing; I never dreamed I’d see an actual film print. The screening will be at Spectacle on S. 3rd Street in Williamsburg. Below is a trailer that’s been cut together just for this event. Won’t you and your affiliated selves please join us?


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