‘The Book of Urizen’ Debuts at Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum 10/10/16


A long-awaited debut for a project several years in the making!

Josh Martin and Tom Blunt invite you to the first live performance of THE BOOK OF URIZEN, hosted by Brooklyn’s spectacular Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Poet and mystic William Blake wrote THE BOOK OF URIZEN in 1794, hoping to counter the tide of religious fundamentalism he’d observed in the Church of England. A bookmaker by trade, he knew every text printed by humans — including The Bible — would contain errors. These errors compounded over time, degrading any culture that insisted on interpreting their sacred texts literally.

Centuries later, URIZEN remains just as prophetic: a terrifying alternate Creation myth foretelling the decay of information as well as mankind’s spiritual idealism.

NYC show-people Tom Blunt (Meet The Lady) and Joshua Martin (The Imaginary Orchestra) have joined forces to cast Blake’s spell over intrepid 21st century audience members, pairing the poet’s vivid, apocalyptic storytelling with skilled live musical accompaniment. The result, a product of two year’s work, is a unique experience meant to stir up shadows in the soul, as well as pay belated respects to an overlooked bit of literary history.

Running time: 50 minutes
Tickets: $10


Afterparty at Haylards to follow!
406 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215


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